Why Join LDSG Inc.?

The Lung Disease Support Group Inc. understands that being diagnosed with pulmonary disease can be overwhelming. The lifestyle changes you will have to make will seem impossible and the emotional turmoil you will experience throughout your journey can have a devastating effect on both you and your family, therefore it is crucial that you seek out and join a support group. LDSG Inc. offers support, education and fellowship for people with lung disease, their families, and caregivers. Together, you will learn new skills, along with information on local resources and activities that will help you to better manage your condition and improve your quality of life. Let it be your safe haven, a place to go where people will understand what you are talking about!

Joining LDSG Inc. has many benefits and offers you a place where you will:

  • find that you are not the only one suffering from lung disease, and this fact alone may just give you the extra boost required to help you cope with your disease.
  • receive both hope and encouragement
  • realize that it is okay to care about oneself.
  • come to understand that anger, grief and loss are common feelings and that it is okay to talk about them.
  • learn coping skills so you can better manage your disease and its possible complications.
  • be given the opportunity to socialize with others and not feel uncomfortable or out of place.
  • become part of a group that understands and is there to listen when you need to talk.
  • have the opportunity to meet and exchange information with people who are like you.
  • become more knowledgeable about your disease enabling you to manage your condition better, and to adapt and accept the changes you will have to make in your lifestyle.

One of the greatest benefits of joining LDSG Inc. is the opportunity that you will have to meet and exchange information with people who are like you. Joining LDSG can help you find the tools to better cope with and control your disease. Once you are in control, you can concentrate on improving your quality of life, something we all strive for.

See you at the next meeting.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you.



Member Stories

We consider ourselves fortunate when a member shares with the group how pulmonary disease has affected their life.

Bruce Eyre

A Survivor

As a youth Bruce was always the slowest to finish physical activities during or after school. So was he lazy or did he have Asthma……

Jean Plummer

A New Millennium and a New Jean

Jean  has lived with Asthma for over 50 years and admits it has been hard to keep it under control…..

Kevin Shanahan

The Rest Was Up To Me

In 1985  during a visit to the ER for shortness of breath Kevin was told he had COPD . They gave him an antibiotic and told him to quit smoking….

Lucie Wunsch

Before & After Transplant

Hi my name is Lucie  I am 47 years old, and 3 years ago I was given a second chance at life when I received a double lung transplant……

Wayne Stonehouse

Life Goes On

Wayne has his first heart attack at 39 and feels it was at this point that his health began its downhill descent…

Brenda Cunningham

Living with COPD – A Patient’s Perspective

Brenda says there are days when you want to just curl up in a ball and die……..

Tim McLaughlin

What’s Feeling Good Feel Like

Between my birth and my first birthday I had  five major lung infections. It was a pattern that would repeat itself again and again….