Programs & Services

The Lung Disease Support Group Inc. provides support, education and fellowship for people with lung disease, their families, and caregivers. Together, they learn new skills, acquire information on local resources, and activities to help them better manage their condition and improve their quality of life. LDSG Inc. also actively works towards increasing awareness and educating the general public on the importance of Lung Health.

General Monthly Meetings
General meetings are held on the last Monday of each month from 10:00am to 12 noon January through November. The April meeting includes Elections for the Board of Directors and September is the Annual General Meeting.

The meetings offer a welcoming, informal environment, and the opportunity to socialize. Guest speakers are often from the health and wellness sector of the business community, keeping members up-to-date on respiratory care. The patient speakers educate from personal experience, as their life experiences coping with lung disease are of interest to all. We applaud the courage it takes to share ones journey, but we know not everyone can talk about their disease to a group of people and that is okay too.

Discussion Group Meetings
Discussion Group meetings are on the second and fourth Thursday of every month from 1pm-3pm. You must have a lung condition and be a member of LDSG Inc. to attend. Contact Brenda at 705-524-9864 or for more information.

Those with a lung condition may experience a range of emotions including depression, anxiety, irritability, isolation and confusion. While the general meetings, offer opportunities for casual social chats, those who wish to discuss their illness in more detail will find this smaller group provides the perfect setting.

While we recognize that many with lung disease have their own personal support network of friends and family, some do not. Both of these groups can benefit greatly by sharing with others in a similar situation.

Education & Awareness Events
We hold and attend public health related events in the community to draw attention to the importance of lung health, the symptoms of lung disease, and to encourage people to seek professional advice if they are concerned about their lung health. Our attendance at these events offers LDSG Inc. an opportunity to increase our profile in the community and reach out to those with lung disease who need support.

Fund-raising Events
LDSG Inc.’s fund-raising initiatives provide a source of revenue to sustain the organization’s operations. Our current major fund-raiser is an Annual Silent Auction, Dinner, and Dance; and LDSG also offers 50/50 draws at meetings and events.

Sick & Visiting Committee
The majority of our lung affected members are in the older demographic and often have additional health conditions, so this committee is a very busy committee sending out cards and making calls. Volunteers are always welcome.

Social Events Committee
Human beings have a need to be social; however, living with lung disease can severely restrict one’s ability to be out and about, and socialization declines. Volunteers at LDSG organize monthly lunches, a yearly BBQ, and a Christmas Dinner, which offer opportunities to get out and mingle.